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Check out what we do in the list below, and click any topic for more high-level information. Drop us a line via chat or the consultation request form to talk to one of our team members about the specifics of your projects today.
We’re a global software engineering company making success stories
Check out what we do in the list below, and click any topic for more high-level information. Drop us a line via chat or the consultation request form to talk to one of our team members about the specifics of your projects today.
Unlike many web design & development companies, Appari Limited developers are not of all trades, but masters of none. Each of our developers is a seasoned professional within his or her language, from HTML to CSS to PHP to Java to WordPress to Android and beyond. Rest assured that there is no coding challenge too great for our experts.
Web development & web design
You can rest assured our custom web development strategy will optimize your site to align with your objectives while maximizing the beauty, speed, and functionality of your site – on desktop and mobile devices, alike.
We’ll build your site to optimize your target customer’s experience

We specialize in building beautiful, professional, and easy-to-use websites. These elements come together to create an exceptional user experience (UX). This positive interaction with your brand builds trust and confidence, turning visitors into customers. Appari Limited’s expert website development and web design teams are trained and certified – providing our clients the highest industry standards.
As with every Appari Limited service, we’ll work with you and your team to understand your objectives to provide insight into the best fit web or E-Comm solution.
The information you share with us will allow us to make the first big recommendation for your site: whether to build it on an open source platform, or code it from scratch. You don’t have to be familiar with the nuances of each, though we’re certainly happy to talk through them with you. We’re experts so you don’t have to be.
Reporting & data analysis
Expedited data input and information output
Expedited access to information
Complete informational analysis allows for strategic planning
Instant access to data from all company branches & opportunity to remotely observe activity from offices across the country
Intuitive grouping of similar data to aid in analysis
Fluid reporting to increase reaction time
Up-to-the-minute data reporting
Project the impact of business decision making
Translate data imported from various office applications to output organized by requirement.
Quickly find specific information within the comprehensive report.
Protect your data by increasing data encryption policies.
Utilize economic and industry trends. Combine with your reporting information to project courses of action.
Specify variables to build into the algorithm. Optimizes automated results for your business’s unique goals.
Import raw data from various office-friendly programs and export logically-clustered information.
Marketing strategy
At Appari Limited we shun one-size-fits-all approaches in exchange for custom tailored marketing strategies that meet the unique needs of your business. With so many different marketing tactics out there but only a limited amount of time and resources, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’ll figure out how to get you the best bang for your marketing bucks and protect you from expensive mistakes.
Story and messaging
Brand naming
Strategy implementation
Branding strategy
Customer persona development
Brand positioning
Focus groups
Consulting services
Marketing strategy
Technical support representative
Experience in software fields or have a technical background (preferbly in DevOps) ;
Knowledge of MacOs/Linux/Python/Jira will be a big plus;
English at B2 level.

Tech support via chat/ calls/ zoom meetings;
Onboarding of new agents in the future.
Customer support representative
Good computer skills;
Work experience at customer support.

You will answer emails, chats, phone calls from buyers and retailers, and write down information to create Zendesk tickets for more complicated complaints.
Head of marketing department
Fluent English (written & spoken)
3+ years of experience in a similar position, working with digital marketing (PPC, SEO, LinkedIn, Email Outreach)
Experience in B2B outsourcing (IT, Call Center, CX, Outstaffing), preferably foreign markets (USA, Europe)
A go-get, all-is-possible attitude.

Creating the marketing team (spin of from the current team of 15 staff + freelancers, agencies);
Creating and maintaining the marketing strategy for the company;
All marketing channels such as PPC, SEO, LinkedIn, Email Outreach (specialist will join);
Managing and motivating the team, staff, freelancers, agencies;
Analyse the sales funnel and conversion rates;
Keeping excellent relations with the Sales team for targeting industries.
Thasou, 12, Floor 3, Flat 302 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus
Let's make it
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